Frontal/Camera mapping

How do we in Blender front mapping, or mapping camera without generating UV in real time? When I use mapping “Window”. so it does work, but do not interact with other objects, or does not work reflectivity.
In Cinema 4D I used either mapping camera, or front mapping and it was resolved. It is an important feature when you want to put reflective objects in the video.
I do not know how to solve it in Blender. Mapping camera is also strange when they have to use UV generated. For floors need too much polygons, otherwise the resulting mapping twisted. This is an unnecessary waste of polygons.
Blender has an effective solution?

Sorry for my google english :slight_smile:


I’m not entirely sure, but maybe this might help
In blender you can do UV unwrap based upon the current camera view.
Create a cycles material with your image
Then go to the frontol view, select the mesh parts you need, then do unwrap based from view.
If you do this sometimes it helps to use ortographic view, as it will eliminate the perspective of the view and thus be a flat projection.

On seccond thought looking at the scene, why dont you try to project it on a insgle square as a backdrop, because if you would move the camera the 3d effect is gonne anway…