Frozen in There!

A refrigerator scene with blender internal… on 1920x1080p i dont know how others do it so good with blender internal renderer, mine look close to crap -_-

i would recommend you to use cycles.

And try also to make a smoke simulation on the ice (or an alpha found on internet). Where does the light come from ?? I’d suggest to model a light, duplicate it maybe to have one in each level and use it as youre keylight (mainlight) and light from the back. Then in front, use a fill light (area light on internal I think and a plane with emission on Cycles) just to rise up the level a bit. Maybe… if you want of course and if you find the effect good, maybe I’m wrong.

Yup thanks for telling me :smiley: i was also wondering about lightning :smiley: okay i did a cycles version
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you can read why it is grainy :confused: but yea i appreciated your comments , made me think part of this community :smiley: