Frozen Slurpee Machine | Real-Time & Eevee

This project was a hard surface high to low poly workflow study as well as a PBR texturing study. It’s a passionate homage to the first model I ever made 12 years ago when I started making props for the game Garry’s Mod as a hobby.

Modeled and rendered in Blender, textured & baked with Substance Painter.
Optimized for Game Engines & Eevee
30,483 Triangles

Art Station

Thanks so much for taking a look! :heart:

Detail Shots Below! :point_down:

Sketchfab 3D View

Inside Blender & Wireframes


Nice detailing. The dust on the top is perfect.


Thanks!! I had a lot of fun painting in all the little details. Glad the dust hit the mark haha.

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As a companion piece you could do the nacho station. Just be sure to get the dark discoloration of the cheese-like substance as it dries on the nozzle tip. Crucial detail.

Lmao, that’s perfectly gross. Now you’re just tempting me lol. I’m not sure I’d know when to stop, at that point I’d want to also do the roller grill. Get some dried up sausages that have been spinning for just way too many hours. In retrospect, one detail a I wish I had added to the Slurpee Machine is the bit of drink dripping out of the nozzles.


Looks like you got the sticky floor though. Nice touch there.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Just in time for free slurpee day!

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Haha, this is true!

Very well done! :metal:t2:

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As long as you’ve got the Coke flavour, I’m down!
Good stuff!

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so cool work!

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Haha, it’s the best one! Thanks :relaxed:

Thank you, glad you like it. :smile: