Fryed Guy.

<–click to see him big.

Modeled and Rendered in Blender(Blender internal)

Looks like a greasy dude. Must’ve been a hell of an accident.

The model isn’t too bad. The skin (looking at the non-fried half) feels a bit off. The hair looks odd, as well. Some of them are coming out of his eyelids.

When making WiP renders, it might be a good to have the background contrast your model a bit more. In this case, since the hair is so dark, try rendering a light background. It’ll be easier to give accurate critique of your model.

Side View

I made a rookie mistake on his forehead marking the seam… next time i will either use smart unwrap,
or mark the seam alot farther back on the head. (i just started using Blender a couple months ago)