FSPY addon in 2.9

i tried to run FSPY n 2.9 / old Blam
but blender does not see the addon

anyone know if it is possible to run it in 2.9 ?

happy bl

I can run it no problems in 2.90, just import fSpy from file options once it’s installed. Just extract this into the addons folder and it was fine.
fspy_blender.zip (11.3 KB)


you mean under the App roam blender ?

i install Fspy addon from another folder and did not do it

i can see in roaming blender the Fspy Exe file
and that one works as stand alone task on win 10

will test your file


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The add on can be found on the developer page: https://github.com/stuffmatic/fSpy-Blender/releases/tag/v1.0.3

I just installed it a few days ago again and it worked a treat :slight_smile:

i added the zip file v 03 in the addon folder under App folder roam

and tried in 2.9 to install this zip file and i don’t even see the App folder in blender window for addon

is there some parameters i need to check ?

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by the way i use first 2.9 version
not the later version

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I added the addon from the addon page and it’s working fine.
I’m on Blender 2.91.2 and I’m using fSpy-Blender-1.0.3

like i said i use the older version of 2.9 not 2.91 or aterward

i will get later version later on
not certain when i can get a new PC with this Pandemic

happy bl

I remember I used fspy in older versions as well with no issues whatsoever, though I can’t say for sure I tried on 2.9 — strange though that it would work on 2.91.2 and not 2.9

Perhaps try installing it via the addon panel and see if it makes any difference?

i use the addon panel
and did not see the file


happy bl

i got Blam 0.2

do you know if this can be added to 2.79

and how do you do it ?
just put the zip file in addon for 2.79

does not seems to see it

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I have it installed in 2.90.1, that file i gave you is the addon folder from my settings area, that is, as on my system. The actual fSpy addon zip has all sorts in it and you have to dig into it to extract the required folder for the actual Blender addon.
I got mine here:

i found an older 2.78 file with older version of Blam and it works with greace pencil

so for now i will use that version till i get a new PC
then get latest BL version and fSpy

thanks for feedback
happy bl

thank u so much for the help

tnx a lot it’s works

hello every one, i try to use fspy 1.02 on blender 2,80,
but in visibility there is not the shadow catcher
regards the non visibility of the plane for the shadow, where is the shadow catcher?

i resolved the question the problem is due to evee, with cycles is correct

enother question regards the image of fspy,
in rendering not appeare,
how i can to obtain a render
with the image of the square?

  1. Set your background under FILM to Transparent…

Enter the compositor and add these nodes…

Add your Fspy image to the image node… ( make sure you have turned on USE Nodes )