full CG Multiartist pipeline

I’ve been searching for a comprehensive post on integrating blender into a full VFX pipeline with multiple artists and tasks. Being able to link and control asset version control through a production pipeline. I’m happy to write one myself if I can find enough of the pieces to support everything. I suspect the folks from the blender movie project or one of the VFX houses actively using blender would be most helpful.

If you can list any guides you find particularly useful for tying all the pieces together I would really appreciate having a look through.

I can find lot of documentation on specific utilizations of certain blender features, but when it comes to having multiple blender files with multiple versions needing to reference one another it gets a bit more sticky.

For example asset building will likely include multiple versions of models, textures, rigs, and shaders, perhaps even animation cycles. Then these files need to be pulled into shot production and at any point in the process something could change and it needs to be accounted for.

I’d like to build (or find) a helpful tool for people looking to build an actual production pipeline from start to finish for anyone wanting to launch into a project of their own.