Full Render Bake doesn't work, but other modes do

I have a model set up to do a full bake, (with multiple lights), and doing a full render won’t work. It starts, hangs for a while, then seemingly finishes, leaving the image completely black.
However, other modes do work, (like Textures).

The object itself was originally multiple objects that I joined into a single mesh to bake. Maybe that has something to do with it.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got no overlapping faces - sometimes when you join objects, the faces overlap in the UV layout. You can also just create an entirely new UV layer for the combined object. Other than that, baking can be fussy sometimes. I often have to close and restart to get it to bake anything. Sometimes I even have to import the object into a new file and start fresh. It is definitely in the fussy category, along with texture painting, which rarely works for me. Haven’t tried in a while though.

Also, welcome to the forums. You are lucky - I’m a big shot around these parts, and…ha! just kidding! I’ll probably see you around.

Thanks for the welcome!

I made sure there were no overlapping faces, and restarted Blender a couple of times. I also tried exporting the object and doing it over again, as well as texture baking, and then trying to do a full render of that with lights. And I’ve tried many different light configurations.

Maybe Blender just hates me.

Like I said, it’s definitely something that is a pain in the ass sometimes. I’ve never had it fail completely though. Enjoy! I love and hate Blender most of the time. Weird combination. The love wins most of the time though, and I know it’s under development all the time.