Full Time Job Opening for Blender User

I’m lucky enough to be hiring a full time person to work with me!

This was recently posted on Career Builder:


Take a good look at the job description, there’s more to it than just Blender, but Blender is a required component.

Basically this person will work directly with me on my team on a very cool micro-optic technology. The location is in Alpharetta, Ga (just north of Atlanta).

Feel free to ask questions here, but there are many details of the position that I can’t talk about openly on the forum (Salary, benefits, etc). To apply, you have to go through the career builder site. I hope to find a great candidate here!


Very cool. If only you had an opening in Ohio…

Since you’re looking for superman, I hope your pay matches! Not some $30,000 per year person you’re looking for.

Ahh I’m currently working in an architecture firm and I use blender for modeling/presentation purposes, but I’m too inexperienced (based on the requirements of the website). Can’t believe the chance that it’s in Alpharetta as I’m living in Suwanee and working in Duluth at the moment.

qutorial:…I hope your pay matches! Not some $30,000 per year person you’re looking for.
I can neither confirm nor deny anything about the pay here, but I’d be interested to see (and I’m sure the forum would too) what you think an appropriate salary would be.

Well, based on the AIGA’s survey of various graphic designers in the field, the average salary for a senior designer is about $40,000 per year (I will try to look up the link and post it).

But, that’s just a graphic designer. What you’re looking for is also a fine artist, 3D modeller and animator, programmer, math nerd (Matlab? That’s for engineers mostly) and technical wizard of all sorts. Just saying. I hope you realize what a person with the qualifications you listed on your job page is worth, because it’s definitely more than $30,000, and also more than $40,000.



Note that my figure was on the lower end. Also note that their survey is of people who work in “visual communication,” for the first survey anyway.

I would consider myself nearly/barely/almost qualified for this, (on a good day) and I would expect $65K+ plus good benefits and (ideally) at least 3% raise per year, if not more. Unfortunately moving to Georgia is not on the table at the moment. Good luck!

e: also, I have to ask. Why on earth does an anti-counterfeiting product firm need someone with cel animation, sculpting, or stop motion experience?? This looks more like an ad for a creative firm than a B2B product firm.

For salary, a good way to find out what the ‘real’ expected pay for an industry is that instead of salary surveys (which people always over inflate) check the H1-B visas for companies for the specific job you are interested in

Ie this company did such a search to see what the competitive rate for the field of game programmers,


@LetterRip, good article

$150,000 sounds right.

! Maybe I should apply then…

I am looking for a Job at the moment but I live in the UK :frowning:

I meet all the requirements and most of the bonus criteria so I think I would be a good candidate if I lived in the US. I am also a compentent character animator :smiley:

I only mention this becuse I can then talk about pay in an objective unbiased manner.

If this job was in the UK and I applied for it I would expect to get a salary of between £20,000 and £25,000 with no benefits “in the UK we pay high tax and that pays for our health care”.

So that would roughly translate into $33,000 to $40,000. without reciving health insurance.

I am guessing now but that then would translate into £27,000 to $34,000 with health insurance.

Alot of the figures that have been linked here are from the top studios and it is not realistic to expect such pay. I dont want to put a downer on your expectations but I have to tell you that the reality “as I have experienced” is not that good. We are in a global recession and guy’s with the jobs hold all the cards.

If you are applying for a job be very flexible when it comes to pay, its better to have a job and be looking for a better one than just looking for a job while sat at home.

My showreels:

Max is one of the better artists here. And look how realistic he is about the pay. :slight_smile:

Sam I suggest you open the position up to people that can work remotely. Might find exactly what you are looking for that way.

The appropriate salary range for this kind of position in the game industry (in a non-metro East Coast area) is @60-100K per year, depending on experience, portfolio and skills. 100K per year is on the very high-end, with only Sr. Animators and Art Directors usually crossing that line. 40-50 is okay for entry level (i.e., skills and education, but no experience - but you still need a good portfolio). In a metro or West Coast area, add 20K (i.e., start at 60K and work up to 120K).

3D artists (runtime or motion graphics) are not graphic designers (so don’t ever use that category to fix your rates or compare salaries). Also, general positions tend to pay less because they are in smaller studios (i.e., less responsibility and more hands-on work). This is a good place to start, but think about the career path you’re on, where it goes and the size of the studio you want to be in (i.e., Sr. Environmental Artist, Sr. Character Artists, Sr. Animator, Art Director, Art Manager, etc., etc.)


BTW, I examined the job description in detail - which calls for one person who can do everything (I barely qualify for the job and I am very senior). Those people are very rare (kids just out of college who think they can do everything don’t count). The position calls for a very senior and well rounded person - I would peg it at least 10 years of experience to do the things called for (to do them well, that is!). The company hiring either isn’t very serious about the requirements, which is normal, and needs to whittle the requirements down to what they really need or they need to pay a serious salary to actually get this person. It’s more likely, they are just “fishing” to find the best candidate possible, so don’t let the requirements put you off. If you meet 1/2 of them and want the job, you should apply.

One more thing I totally forgot. Although you can’t apply it immediately, once you have a security clearance, add 10-20K to your salary. If the company gets one for you, you can’t really apply that. If you already have one (then you already know this), it’s often like having a Master’s degree because it reduces the field of candidates down dramatically.

Because they have won a government project to produce something you will never hear about or see? Probably training material of some sort. Maybe they have an entire new line of business they need to push and develop content for?

A mistake a lot of people make is assuming they know something from a company’s website. A website helps, but from what I’ve seen behind the scenes, websites are very often years out of date, especially when creative content is not the core business. They only way to really find out what’s up is to use back channels or just interview and see where it goes.

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Kemmler, good question. These additional skills are “a plus” and are not strict requirements. We’re just looking for someone who isn’t afraid to branch out and try different medium and this is the way that translated into the ad.

e: one thing that is a strict requirement though: a detailed working knowledge of Blender!

Agreed! I believe that it’s best to describe the perfect candidate upfront with all of the bells and whistles possible.

You know who else in alpharetta is hiring? High-Rez Studios

40 hours a week
50 weeks in a year ( minus the 2 weeks vacation )
so that is 2k man hours.
30k a year is 15 bucks an hour…
if you find somebody for 15 an hour that is great, but I wouldn’t expect much more than a person rubbing the mouse on the monitor.