Full Time Position - Industrial designer/ 3D Modeller/ Audio GUI Artist - $80 - $110 per hour

Hello, if you are interested, please email me directly at [email protected] with your CV and Portfolio. Please find the job description below:


Looking for an Industrial designer/ 3D Modeller/ Audio GUI Artist who specializes in creating digital 3D models and hyper-realistic renders. This role will cover a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Concept development: Creating 3D models based on the client’s specifications, sketches, or concepts. The designer will have to consider the layout and aesthetic needs, realistic assembly of the model (based on the actual manufacturability of the product), as well as the intended use for the audience in mind while putting together the UI.

  • Animation: Creating animations and UI sprites from the graphical elements of the interface/render. This can include designing knobs, buttons and other UI elements in a dynamic way, that adds visual interest to the interface while still keeping within the technical and implementational limits of the UI.

  • High-Quality Renders: Must have the ability to create high-quality renderings of 3D models that can be used for marketing and promotional purposes, showcasing the product in a realistic and visually appealing way. This includes applying textures, materials, and lighting techniques to achieve photo-realistic results that accurately represent the product, which can be crucial for effective marketing and sales efforts.

  • Software proficiency: Proficient in SolidWorks (preferred), Blender, 3Ds Max or other 3D modelling software, along with rendering-related software tools like Keyshot (preferred), Cycles, etc. for texturing, rendering and animation. Photoshop and Adobe After Effects (or similar) skills would be a must for generating animations/sprite sheets and marketing-ready renders.

  • Attention to detail: Ensuring that the 3D models accurately represent a real-world physical product, paying close attention to details such as texture, colour, lighting, and other aesthetic features.

  • Quality assurance: Ensuring the quality and consistency of the UI produced over time, making sure they meet the specifications, standards, and timelines.

  • Collaboration: Working closely with audio engineers, software developers, and other team members to ensure that the interface design aligns with the technical requirements of the product.

  • Problem-solving: Troubleshooting technical problems and finding solutions for complex 3D modelling challenges.

Overall, the designer would play a critical role in the production process of the UI’s while setting up processes that will enhance the product development for the team.

Pay Range:

$80-110 USD per hour


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