Fulldome animation WIP

This is a render test for one sequence from the short “Turminha Kirimurê”, a fulldome animation.

Blender + Cycles.


This is really nice. Love the environment and Point of view.

Beautiful. Congratulations. Please let us know if you would like to make any sequences available free to the fulldome community through the British Fulldome Institute: http://www.bfi.gb.com

Oh wow, these are amazing! What final resolution will you be rendering, and what size is your dome? Again, these are wonderful!

As soon as it is ready, it will be free :wink:

Thank you!
Our fulldome is 12m in diameter.

We are struggling with resolution here, due to render time.
The space sequence is preaty fast (8 to 20 seconds/frame), as long as I pre-render Earth, Moon and Sun with starfield in a equiretanguar HDRI.
So it is ok to be 3k.

But opening sequence in the forest ir very hard (20-40 min per frame). I am planing to do half dome master in 1.5K or 2k (front) and the other half in 0.7k or 1k (back).

I LOVE the environment scenes. Great Job!

Are you using HDR skies in these scenes as well?

Yes. HDR Sky is the only light source.

Awsome, were working on similar project.
But how you gonna show it on the dome? 360 projector, leds ?

very nice project!

Fulldome projector.