Fully Auto camera tracking

Is there a fully automatic way to camera-track in blender? Ideally I want to be able to set a video finding track points, tracking them and calculating camera movement while I go outside and eat a sandwich.

The built-in tracker has a “Detect Features” option but currently it doesn’t really work unless your footage is super-sharp and very high contrast. For one thing it selects untrackable features that you’d never choose manually.

The Detect Features is OK - but one by one, these features will disappear from shot, and Blender will have to find some new ones. Is there a way I can get Blender to constantly look for more pointers as it tracks?

Failing that - can I ask what people’s camera-tracking workflow is?

Tracking is hard, you must select multiple overlapping points for a solve. If the footasge is good the tracking realy shouldn’t take very long.