Fun colours!

Well, you know that moment when you have made something cool, then look around the room for people to show and realise that your blender experiments don’t really interest immediate friends or family?

Still itching to share my mornings blendings to those who might show some interest:

make full screen and move the cursor around, also for added effect scroll the mouse wheel (around 70 gets pretty cool)

I have no idea why I find this so incredibly fun to play with…

It’s funny because whenever an experiment in blender goes well, I raise my hands and in the air and from excitement I say “YES”. And it’s usually 3am in the morning. Ahaha

It’s cool.

i just get a white screen. if i try to run the script it tells me python fail. i have no idea what i am doing!

Works for me, awesome effect!

LOL linkxgl so true.

@Small Troll, are you pressing ‘p’ to play or just hitting the ‘Run Script’ button? You will need to start the game engine by pressing ‘p’ with the mouse over the 3d view window.

Thanks Excalaberr, it just uses the distance from the mouse to the cell to change the hue, if you mess around with the script it can do more, like saturation and value.

Also if you scale up the cells by their individual origin by about 2x so they overlap a little, you can get a ‘kindawatercolour’ effect.

ah, P to play (i think i pressed alt A to start tha animation lol,) you can guess i don’t use the game engine too often!

works great! :smiley:

totally true! LOL
awesome effect, i like it so much!