Fun puzzle game. Try it and report your score!

hey all, check out the game at

Play it and tell us your score. I got 907 my first try and I am working on bringing it up (i messed up on one stage).
It said I got in the top 20, and since it was on I figure that is pretty good.

That, it is a fun game.

Okay, i don’t think the scores are reporting correctly, because it doesn’t report the top scores on the left. My enthusiasm wanes. However, see if you can top my 978 score!

875 first time round. It came as a total surprise though.

Let’s see if I can bump my score.

  1. 1038
  2. 1067

1007, third time around. The other two times… well, first time I gave up and second time I wondered what the ‘Enable cheats’ button did, clicked it, realized that I’d lost the bonus, and gave up.
So, 1007, third-ish time round!

Fun game anyway.

1025 first time around.


4,768,981 first time round. But I had my eyes closed that time.

Actually, I got bored after round 3.

1052 first time cos I didnt know what was goin on on the first one.

1152 second go.


1095 the third time.

that was fun.


on try…35 or so
i guess its not fair that i have about all boards memorized too, haha.

it is not much of a challange when most of the shapes are visible through the model we are supposed to use. it woudl be much more difficult if the model was all black with no shapes showing.

also it can get pretty exact i had it all done, but had to adjust a few tiny positions to get it done, dam!

also the play again button does not work i have to hit refresh, does anyone else have this problem.

well anyway good luck beating 1107 it will proably never happen in a million years %| :smiley:
by the way i used no cheat, no pause or any other trick, one after the other as fast as i can. i challange you fools, muhahahahaha!!!

First time around 865
Second time around 1044 top 20’s
Third time 1059 top 20’s

I wish there I could see the top 20 list. The second and third time it was a bit annoying, when I completed the shape thought the game could not recognise the spacing. Some of the examples were not layers properly so there was a bit of a give away. Too bad I could use a bit more of a challenge. :-?

I’ve got the real game. Much more interesting (well, if you’re into this stuff :-? ), with hundreds of figures in a book and you can actually rotate the shapes.


There is a puse button…didnt know… got 0 on two of the puzzles

edit: 1117 on second try.

the pause and cheat buttons are for people who dont know what they are doing.

this is a mans game. and i can see you girls are not up to the challange of beating my 1142 score. :o

Hah!, that’s nothing! Check mine out!

and i stupid or somthing, i couldn’t work out how to rotate the pieces.


Alltaken, you can’t rotate them. The puzzles can be solved without it.


bmax- haha that is not possible is it?

alltaken- haha, you cant rotate them, they have to stay the way they are

well this is now boring because i found a way to cheat my best now is 1164

to cheat (if you dont want to know do not read below)

on the right hand side of the board is the view of the next boards to come. you can click on the shapes to show what order they go in. so before you hit start check the first box and shapes, memorize their order and then hit start and put them together quickly, before you hit next to go onto the next board you can check and click the board on your right again to see shapes and locations. then hit start and put together as fast as you can

well fun while it lasted!!

Nope! I don’t think you can even hit a score that high. It was photoshopped. I painted over a rather crappy score of mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha i spent all of the first round trying to figure that out too, but you don’t need to rotate any pieces.

second round : 1108

well, i was trying to use the honor system here. You can look at the next one coming up, but that is sort of cheating. :wink: