Fun tech demo.


Warning: The image is safe for work, but the game itself is NOT. If you do not like Gore, please do not click on the link, and start the game… It is only gory if you start the game… otherwise… Please enjoy the happy little trees, and the fluffy little clouds :slight_smile:

Here is a Thumbnail of the project:

And here is a link to the HTML5 game, Please use Chrome, there are sound issues with firefox, and Explorer WILL not do it justice.

Press F5 to reset, and play with different terrains.

The only things non-blender in the game is the terrain tiles and the little flowers.


That is a lot of fun, JoJoe! The controls take a moment to get used to, but aren’t too bad. I can’t tell you how many times I died in the first 3 minutes, haha. Great little game! Reminds me of Minecraft a bit.

Thanks for giving it a try. :slight_smile:

I might add some joystick controls tonight.

I’m not too much for the gore, but the game does seem to suck you in somehow. Do you plan on taking this project any further?

Hi Dizzyman572, Thanks for give-ing it a try. This demo is not going any further, but elements of it will be in my future game. I know how to do things much more efficiently now.