Fun with CS and Jam. Or not.

Recently I’ve been trying to set up Crystal Space on mac os but am having a few problems. I have properly built and installed CS and am trying to build CEL after successfully configuring it, but I have heard that I can’t use the ‘make’ command in the terminal window to do this - it instructs me to use a program called Jam to build the files. The problem is, I’ve searched the internet for this program and have found absolutely no documentation on it or any guide to show how to use or install it. For instance, do I use it within the terminal window, or do I type the code into a text file, save it with an extension and then run it? Does it have a GUI?

I downloaded the jam source and configured it, but when I typed ‘make’ into the terminal window for the jam files it replied with an error - "No rule to make target `install’ ". I can’t find any SDK’s either.

I’m very confused at the moment and would really appreciate it if anyone could explain to me how I should build CEL properly, as I’m approaching all of this with no knowledge of building programs or C++ (i’m doing all of this so that I can learn those things, and eventually make games) and CS seems to have a brick wall learning curve with very little documentation. :frowning:

This might be asking a lot for a first post (sorry), but I’ve be been trying to get this set up for about 3 days now. Thanks.

There might be a CEL package pre-compiled for you…

Get yourself an IRC client,
and goto
then goto the chatroom :

there is always someone there, just give it a little time, and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

so not to get to off topic but i dont want to start a new thread just for this little bit of a side bar. since you are such a pro crystal space person mmph! if i make a game in blender and export it to cs would i have to remake most of the game or would i be able to take advantage of the rendering system without to much remaking of my game.


I just asked everyone on that channel but they seemed to think that there isn’t one available.

Do you know if there are any tutorials on using Jam? I’ve searched all over google, but I can only find lists of commands, they assume you know how to use the program.

(I navigate to the CEL install directory in the terminal, type jam, and it gives the message “-bash: jam: command not found”).

if i make a game in blender and export it to cs would i have to remake most of the game

Just the logic, everything else will port over just fine :slight_smile: