Fun with glass

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–Here’s my latest two projects. I was just playing around with glass in yafray. Woohoo!

–Here’s the blender file for 2.36

–Added - Here’s the blender file for 2.37

–Here’s the blender file.
– End old post

After many years I found this thread again and I decided to update the links and update the project. I’m surprised I still had it.

Here’s the old project files relocated…

Here’s the new project file. I rendered with Luxrender 0.6RC3 (still beta) and used blender 2.48a.


To answer another question, I did copy an image I had found but had no clue who the author was. Original Design goes to DivineError on Deviant Art.


WOW :o I am assuming that you used caustics?

I used caustics on the windows logo but not on the fruit.

wow those are really good i especially liek the apple :smiley:

are you DivineError on
or, did you rip him off horribly?

your two renders are almost identical to these:

his gallery —>

if you go here you will see he was copying an image from mental ray but theres nothing wrong with that aslong as he says so witch he did here

wow! i like the apple the most, windows the less :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, if it was linux…

great materials

Great job. Looks really beautifull. And thanks for posting the .blend files, I learned a lot from them.

I like bananas.

I downloaded your .blend file and imported a very simple object I made for something else. I aplied you materials and changed only the colours.
Glass Bonsai Tree.
Now’s my question, what’s the trick? Why does it looks so good?

Roger, In yafray when you are rendering transparent objects, make sure the objects are not touching between them, or you´ll get artifacts. I think the glass jar is in contact with the tree and the base.

That’s correct, I’l think of that later on.

Why is that anyway?

I used caustics on the windows logo but not on the fruit.

Not that I care if someone used those ‘always fantastic’ caustics, they are simply a concentration of the light. But so I would say you have caustics in your fruit.

Nontheless is it a very good render. I was surprised though by the models. The banana and aple are very lowpoly with subsurf level 4, but the orange is made of 14386 polys [!] I’m sure you can do the same with less polys and subsurf.

Thanks for sharing :wink:

The fruit is great! And the windows logo…well…it’s as good as a windows logo can be. :wink:

sry. my mistake. I did not intent to sound so harsh.

good job btw

I couldn’t resist placing one of my own objects into you scene to see how it would turn out. I am very happy with the results. Thanks for posting the .blend file.

This is the link for a larger version.

Those fruit look delicious, like candy.

as i am a juggler, im always looking for more glass objects to juggle. looks like the crowd will be doing more “oooooh”'ing and “aaaaaaah”‘ing at what i am juggling than how i am juggling. who knows, maybe i could just toss that candy lookin’ apple up and down and they’d applaud. :wink:

So did I.

Thank you!