Functional Ear Trainer: Learn how to fully recognize notes!

YellowLambo reported that it might have a virus (from McAfee).
My AVG free 8.0 says that it’s clean.
This little freeware program helps you learn how to instantly recognize notes you hear, maybe in a very short time!

I’d like to try it out, but my computer said that there was a virus along with it! : (

Hey, nice find. As A musician, I can tell whether a note is in tune by ear, but I’ve trouble determining the right note, especially in the right octave (unless I am familiar with the characteristic timbres of each range as I am with most wind instruments). So far, from just an half hour of training, I’ve already learned a but. This is so cool! :smiley:

sounds cool, I want to try it but what virus scan are you using yellowlambo? My scan says its clean but I’m afraid to install it now. :frowning:

McAffee came with a trial on my computer, and it says I need to renew it, but it still tells me about viruses and what safe or not, and it seems like it still works, : ). But it told me that it was unsafe. : (

Cool, I’ll try and see if I could use this with my pocket amplifier to see if I can improve my speech understanding (by being able to pick out sound more clearly) once I get a proper hearing aid again.

(I’m deaf and uses the amplifier to hear stuffs on the computer and anything with a headphone jack)

My AVG free doesn’t. Some people say McAffe isn’t really good…

Symantec AntiVirus says this is clean. =]

Sounds interesting…

I got EarMaster Pro, I can immediately recognize played notes on my synth! It’s so cool, I can even play the synth, it recognizes the notes from the mic, I don’t have to connect it!

At least it was free, and somehow it works when my computer thinks the trial expired!