Funny drafts

Hi people. I learn Blender since beginning of 2016. I use my own approach to learn Blender. Yes, Blender is a kind of hard to learn and in my opinion requires its own approach to learn.
In a nutshell I select existing video on youtube (usually less than a minute) and try to reconstruct it in Blender scene. More detailed:

  1. I select video that I am sure I am able to make. On the other hand, such video alway must contain something new that I did not do earlier.
  2. First I always try to use my existing knowledge of Blender and if need I do some trials-and-errors. If I am able to use my exisning knowledge more or less productive, I don’t learn anything new.
  3. If trials-and-errors did not help, I try to read standard documentation. But, if I found what I need, I stop learn and continue work. I don’t learn what is not required for actual project.
  4. Finally, if documentation doesn’t help, I find manuals/instructions.
    This approach allows to learn Blender deep enough to make videos I need and don’t spend time to what I don’t use.

In this topic I’m going to post the videos that a kind of show my progress. I know that they all contain mistakes/errosr/etc. Please always remember that these videos are not final and were not planned to be final. Consider them as funny drafts.
If you would like to know how I implemented some detail, please let me know, I’ll try to describe.

Below are latest two videos. I create approximately 1 video per month. Older and very first videos are lost.

Below is my latest animation.
The Skolkovo is russian Silicon Walley. They do there something scientific. But nobody knows what specificly…

With this animation I improved my skills in the following:
(1) now I structure my project better, I know all dependencies and if nested project is finished or not; also if I work on nested project I can do it on another computer and use only required files;
(2) bending the spine of a model: now I can bend model’s spine more naturally;
(3) found some features of some objects of industrial design which helped me to design a model more reliable (without spending much time on parts that look complex);
(4) riscovered that remote grass and leaves on trees may be implemented by materials;
(5) found that asphalt can be implemented with materials using only generated testures.
I rendered this video 33 hours on GTX 970. Peak memory was 1,5 Gb, which is too much for this small project but still it did not have any bad effect.
Enjoy the video and ask if something you would like to know about it.

Hi, I really enjoy this video really its very funny…:smiley:


This is duet for two musical instruments: French Horn and … yes you’re right.
You may notice that the second guy is a bit out of tune :slight_smile:

This is my older work (created earlier than the Kulning video), I hopefully found it on my render machine.
Most of time I spent here on modeling of the French Horn: I watched much videos about it on youtube and it looks that I now know about french horns everything :slight_smile:
Here I learned a bit how to use nodes for materials (alpha channel + transparent shader) for correct work of character’s hairs (they made in MH and exported to collada).