(wes1) #1

Ver seen before this ERROR

Wes1 = going to be -> Overlord Dante

(saluk) #2

Yeah, that one was pretty funny. Usually though, you can click on yes please aqnd it will work anyway:)

(PlantPerson) #3

What makes that appear? I’ve never seen it before, yet I’ve had more than my share of crashes.

Say has anyone else ever noticed how nice Blender looks in Windows XP?

(Eric) #4

Never really liked that look, too plastic.

(wiseman303) #5

Yeah, I’ve gotten that error before. It happened when I was turning edges using Ctrl-T.

(dreamsgate) #6

our coders seem to have a sense of humor.

I’ve never seen that come up before.

(joecool) #7

yes, I think they do have quite a sense of humour :smiley:
Blender -y also
I wonder what other hidden things are in blender :wink:

(wes1) #8

wonder what other hidden things are in blender

maybe you already know but ever heard of the Fly mode ?

go to the camera view 0
press Shift+F and you can fly with use of your Mouse buttons

RMB = forward
MMB = Back or it whose Left Mouse Button

with space you can stop the camera and hold his postion or just presse ESC and the camera is back in his start position

Wes1 = going to be Overlord_Dante

(joecool) #9

Yeah, I posted about fly mode ages ago, then some time later someone else made the post called fly mode. I found out about it by accidentaly pressing shift F instead of shift D. It’s really a great feature for when you are making a maze or something. You can fly through it and have a practice run.

(S_W) #10

Hehe! I love Blender! :slight_smile:

(d0pamine) #11

FWIW, I found where the wanna crash popup is:

When mesh editing, hitting JKEY calls join_triangles(), which sometimes calls givequadverts(), which in some circumstances hits this block of code:

else {
		pupmenu("Wanna crash?%t|Yes Please!%x1");

However, I can’t tell what this really means as far as what happens (or doesn’t) to the mesh.

These are in the space.c and editmesh.c files.


(Blender_owl) #12

i got the same error. I guess one of the programmers got really bored.

(CubeFan973) #13

This has what to do with realtime?

Okay, how do I get the ERROR to pop up?

(IanC) #14

Is there any way of recreating this in the game engine? If not, could this be recreated?


(Pooba) #15

Er, why?