Funny search results for Blender stuff

Sometimes the results or combinations of results you get when searching for Blender stuff is amusing. I’m sure many of you have had similar experience to this. :smiley:

That’s just how Google works, it will return all of the top results that contain any of the keyworkds, it doesn’t matter what order they appear in.

If you want to get a more precise search, then you wrap the search term in quotations. This will require Google to search for the exact phrase rather than any phrase that contains the keywords.

I just thought it was funny that there was actually a tutorial on how to make a hand grenade, didn’t expect that. And its by Andrew Price no less.

Yeah, searching can be interesting…

From a search by

Cheers, pix

I would suggest using DuckDuckGo ( ) instead of Google. Unless you want all your results filtered out ( ) and your searches tracked ( ).