Funny short 3D Animation "Who let the Dogs out?"

Dog rig from Brandon Schaal. Music in this video Song Who Woke Snow White Up ( Who Let the Dogs Out) Artist Baha Men. Made in Blender 2.79.


Funny movie! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Apologies: I ran off and didn’t comment.
This was awfully cute. It was even more cute when realized how much time you spent with it. Did you use fbx or other pre-motions or was it all hand-animated? Animated with a lot of NLA usage?
Well done. Kudos on completing it.

really good. can you try it with some fur? I think it will make it more cute

Thank you!

Thank you! All this is hand animated, just key frames. I did not touch NLA. I used Wave Modifier to simulate soft body movements. And I have seen a lot of tutorials on Youtube to understand dance movements. I repead the dance in front of mirror to catch the motion. That was really fun!

Thanks! O, please, don’t speak with me about fur! It was my relax from fur! I have made short with furry leopards, after horse with main, tail and FURRY legs…It was hours and days spending on Hair simulation, collision, avoid hair penetration…And also it was slowly, because collision works just with hair parents, not with children. Also horse, for example, must run in space, not on the same place (like classic run cycle) for nice hair simulation etc. So now I love bald cartoon animals!

I just saw your horse dance movie in your Portfolio. Pretty impressive though! Too bad you got such an aversion to HAIR. I have a bit of the same experience with that. That’s a pity, because the result is really beautiful ! :ok_hand:

good animation!! very funny very well done

Thank you!