Funny Top Gear video

I don’t know if this is old, but I just saw it now. Quite funny Top Gear video.

Yeah, its good that ep. I remember seeing when it first showed on the BBC. Damn it was good.
Jeremy Clarkson, is pretty high up on the list of Anti-Americans, especially the south half of the United States.

Jeramy’s last comment. “I honestly believe, in certain parts of America people have started to mate with vegitables.”

A bit harsh, but they did nearly get killed.

Overall I don’t think that is funny. At the beginning yeah, but not when it reached the petrol station they could have died. Heck they even attacked the film crew.

Well, first time I’ve seen it, though I had heard about that episode. In a way its understandable that the Alabamans got angry, but the fact that they resort to violence doesn’t really help the image that other people will have of that state very much.

Why ??? Becuase there are people with different beliefs, lifestyles?

No no, just because they painted that stuff on their car, intentionally trying to make people angry or get a reaction out of them. There was forethought that is - it wasn’t an accidental cultural faux pas. They did it on purpose because they knew it would probably piss people off. I said I understood why they got angry, not that I thought it was a good thing or that I agree with it… And then the whole calling ‘The Boys’ was completely unnecessary and stupid. She could have just refused to give them gas and told them to get off her land.

I mean if some complete stranger came in here and started a thread saying, ‘BLENDER SUCKS MONKEY BALLS’, how would some people react :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if someone were to come and say “BLENDER SUCKS MONKEY BALLS” then admin would probably block e-mail, IP and username. well I would if I were admin

I haven’t that video yet… will do later on. But yes, Top Gear is a very entertaining show. It makes me often envy though, seeing all those beautiful cars I will never own, or see or touch.
My favorite show was the car that refused to die. They drowned a toyota hilux pickup, they set it on fire, but it still keeps running.

Yes, the toyota hilux episode is still the best one ever done, IMO.

I loved that one but the thing that amazed me most was the fact it survived dropping from the top of a building full of dynamite

^^Lol, yeah, i don’t think it would have survived if it had been inside or underneath the building^^ :slight_smile:

Dan, I thought I must have misunderstood you there :slight_smile:
Anyway the I posted this thread with the sole purpose of sharing a funny video. I particularly enjoyed the ending, where they very quickly washed the cars :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Mind you, if they had to drive thru a South African black subburb with derogatary remarks about, say Nelson Mandela or Jacob Zuma, I don’t think they would have survived. Anyone, know what a necklace is?

I live in Alabama and i’d like to say, for the record, that I’m not retarded.

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That was incredibly staged.

Let’s hope so. I was still quite funny.

Yeah, it was pretty funny but incredibly mean-spirited. I mean, like other people have said, it’s the same as trolling an online forum so don’t be surprised if people get angry.

i know many… :wink: but ill make a wild guess here and say… coil/windlass?