fur is getttting very shiny

I used this tutotial for my character , the character itself is now getting transparant and the fur is very shiny. Can not get the lightning good
What did I do wrong? I have made blue fur for my character grover.


Just an idea, to make the hair less shiny, turn down the spec for the material.

Hard to say without a .blend file or screenshots or renders …

I can not find the spec for the material to turn down hereby the blend file .


I’ve check the your blender file and there is an easy soloution. Turn your strand shadder of in the particle/hair.


Attached is a modified version of your file. You had your emitter and hair using the same settings, which is why he was turning transparent (if you want him to look like a live creature turn the transparency for the hair back on, otherwise leave it opaque to look like a puppet made of fabric). The main changes I made were adding the additional material, and specularity was turned down for everything.

BTW: you’ll need to change the file extension from .blend to .zip before you can extract the file so as to open it.


grover_MOD.blend (691 KB)

Where did you change this exactly “You had your emitter and hair using the same settings”
Why did you disable strand render it is used in the tutorial.
Anyway thanks for helping me out and the recommendations.

I can not see the hair itself very obvious for example on the legs and his stomach but I did weightpaint that.
p.s I forgot the texture for the eyes.


Sorry about the Strand render … must have forgot to turn it back on (it’s not necessary, but renders faster).

The Hair material is a modified version of the Skin material, after duplicating. Check out this page in the manual for info related to the material adjustments:


No problem I already turn the strand render back on.
Thanks for the link I already found this:


So I have to look where I can find the new shading option.
I think the hair can be better than it is now.