fur particles without visible emitter, - background seen through the fur...:(

Does anyone have a workaround?

I have a creature with fur/hair particles.

when using hair dynamics, the fur/hair go in various directions, and so it should be… but this means that
the emitter mesh is sometimes seen - so I choose not to render the emitter.
But then a new problem appears as the fur/hair particles do not cover every little corner - ther are a few
little holes through which the background scene can be seen.

As we all know fur/hair particles settings are a delicate matter, and I find that I cannot just increase the number of strands or make them thicker, because that makes the fur ugly.

So does anyone have a workthrough?
does anyone know - for example - if it is possible to avoid the first problem described: that the hair/particles when hairdynamics is turned on sometimes disappear behind the emitters mesh…


You could…

  • Weight paint the mesh to make it denser in the problem areas.

  • Create a secondary hair system with much fewer, shorter, thinner hairs, weight painted to fill the gaps.

  • Render the emitter but make it mostly transparent to sort of hide/blend the parts not covered

  • You can go in particle mode and ‘add’ more hairs in the problem area.

  • Make sure the particle system is after (below) any subsurf in the stack, if it’s before on a low poly mesh the short hairs all emit from fewer normals and will be thinner in between faces.

  • Make your emitting mesh all quads / squarer and more evenly distributed quads.

  • You may be in a state with too many parent strands and not enough children

  • You may have too few parents and too many clumped children

  • You can try turning of ‘cull back faces’

  • Try changing from simple to interpolated children

  • Try increasing the randomness of the system, this helps when too many hairs are combed too tightly together.

  • Try making the children ‘curls’ with a very small amplitude.

  • You can always quit and model a chess set

Just keep banging at it, it sounds like you’re pretty close. If you post the blend it may be something very simple. Good luck.

I’m confused as to why you would choose not to render the emitter just because a furry creature’s skin can sometimes be seen through its fur. Real animals have places where their skin is visible through their hair, and they aren’t invisible under their fur, so why would you do anything differently on your 3d character? You’re never going to cover every single pixel of the emitter with fur, so this problem will not go away. If you really don’t want the skin to show, you can paint your character with a texture that looks like fur, so that any part of the emitter visible through the fur will still look like fur, but in any case making the skin invisible is not the solution.

@blenderallday: thank you so much for all the work arounds - I´will be trying them out one by one in the next days;)
K Horseman: you may actually have a point, haven´t thought about it that way.

Anyway, I will try out your advice and if it doesn´t work I will upload the mesh for people to take a look :wink: