Fur problem

Hi. I was working on some model and when i finally finished it i wanted to add it some fur. I even used the weight paint and all, but when i finally wanted to put some gravity on the fur (-0.02 Z or something) it went on a strange diagonal direction.:spin:
how do i solve this? plz help :eyebrowlift:

Sounds like your object’s axes are not aligned with the world axes - hit Ctrl-A to apply scale and rotation and it should be sorted.

By the way, can I draw your attention to jahka’s particle rewrite? It’s full of amazing new features to make hair and particles look great. It’s currently in heavy development and does crash a fair amount, so I wouldn’t use it on any important files without heavy backup, but it’s really great stuff. Search the forums here for “jahka” or “particles rewrite” and you’ll find loads of cool demos. This pic took me all of 5 mins, and it doesn’t even have most of the cool features such as particle sculpting mode!


thx a lot. That solved the problem. oh, and i will check about that particle thingy, thx :smiley: