Fur Shader - Fin and Shell technique

Hey guys, hello !
Well i want to recreate this technique inside blender … and i start saying i am very noob with technical stuff involving shader and nodes :sweat_smile:
Im here to ask this community help, to achieve what im looking, and maybe create a sort of tutorial about this ! ( since i COULDN’T find anything related in modeling softwares, only in unity and unreal, and some PDF about this render technique) and im not good to translate this to blender nodes …

I recreate it in this post Volumetric Grass
But is simples, i array a plane to get the shells

I will describe some steps that i want to cover to create a more procedural one

1 - How create this SHELLs in a 3D object ? couldnt find a answer insted of using SOLIDIFY, but i dont like this idea, cant create a bunch of layer in one modifier. And also i dont want to extrude the object to create all the layers i need… ( not for the intend of this post/tutorial )


2 - After creating the shells, how create the FINS ?

How do it ? and after this how to give it a texture than maybe combine with the SHELLS texture ?

3 - The texture ! The chalange here is how to make it thiner at the tip of the fur ? my bet here is to use the geometric node, Position as vertex … but couldnt make it work :frowning:
I achieve something on my Volumetric Grass puting a mask in the Z axis, this make the noise texture get smaller, just like tweaking with a color ramp node “in each lane” … but i dont think is effective too, its basic, and dont works good HAHA
This 3rd topic is based that we are using procedural texture (like noise) … not a baked one


Well i think its a start point !
Hope you can undestand what im looking for and help me with it !
Thanks guys !

There was this Eevee displacement shader that replicates displacement via slices.

Do t know if that could be adapted for your purpose but worth a look.

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WOWW !! this is really awesome, and use the same technique !
Thank you a lot for sharing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, it open my mind !!