Fur tutorial help

I did the tutorial in this link but my fur ends up looking like a porcupine.

Any idea what I did wrong?



Ok, I know what you missed, You forgot to adjust the Tangent Shading Sliders located in the materials. But you need to change you Shape Slider to -0.900 and your start to 10.00. hope that helps

Hows this?
There are a few extra buttons in 2.41 that aren’t in the tutorial and they seemed to help also. (particles tab / random / even). I also doubled the amount of strands.


Why am i getting fur all over my mesh instead on the very specified material?

@Exitialis: screen shots, of the particles tab can help us help you.

Have you tried assigning vertex groups?

Check out this page under the heading ‘Emitting strands From the mesh’