Furb Short Film [Fuzzy and Cute - WC] UPDATED 10/16/05

Well finished my first animation with this creature.

Had a few codec problems so bear with me. The AVI has some wierd anomalies that I couldn’t get rid of and the WMV has a trailing problem.

WMV 1.63 MB

AVI 7.66 MB

I am thinking about adding sound; but right now I will leave it as is and if I do I will repost on this topic.


nice smooth movement. Sound would definitly add to this animation!

Thanks for the compliment, I guess I will add sounds and tweak it a bit more.

Now does anyone know of any good codec converters, I am going to go ahead and change my editing software or atleast try to if I can meet the deadline.

I can’t help on the codecs as I got little experience with those myself (too), sorry. I just wanted to say that this was a very good animation! But as said above, sound would improve it incredibly much. Consider it.

Animation is cool. I love the physics of the lean when the uni is turning.

One thing though, speed up some of the screens with titles. you are holding on them too long.

And at the end, don’t scroll credits, it looks pretty amateurish. Just show one final title screen with the credits.

Remade scene 2 cause I wasn’t satisfied. ANd I tweaked it up a bit.


AVI - DivX 5.01