Furniture CAD modeling with Blender


I have uploaded few movies in Blip.TV showing how to work with dimensions and precisely also model Furniture which is made out of injection molded plastic, bend pipes, and bend plywood.

I have not yet figured out in how to actually change the order of movies uploaded so some episodes are not in order.

But I hope you might find the useful.

Here is the link:


First, thanks for the interesting informations; it looks well worth a learning session this evening.

Second, what software did you use to display your keystrokes? It’s very useful to visualize what’s going on during the tutorial.

screenflicker 99 us $

Thanks for these, your aproach to teaching is very good, i’ve already learned a few tricks that i wasn’t aware of.

thank you very much Claas, i haven’t seen furniture modeling tutorials with Blender, so this is a great addition to the resources… i like your teaching approach and the voice is very nice and clear…

This is brilliant, thanks Claas.
Very useful indeed.

Could you please link to the site? I’m having trouble finding it with Google. I keep on getting results about actual screen flicker problems.

Here you are:

It is Screenflick and not as I said Screenflicker … and it is only 25 US $ so very cheap in my point of view.

Another good one might be: Screenflow
This one is 99 US $ and has a movie editor inside - but well I have iMovie …

I found ScreenFlick to be sufficient and honestly better for what you pay.

For the others thanks for the movies - I have to rename the thread because we start modeling transportation objects now. And after that warm-up it is all about rendering and scene set-up.

Oh, boy. Home learning. - yay!

Should we submit assignments for assessment? :slight_smile:

I dont know if this is just a different way to model but I found some of it to be very unefficient (if thats the word)

nothing more useful than discussing different methods and techniques for modeling…
consider sharing the more efficient ways.


so what is unefficient? Could you please be more specific?

Some movies just show different technical approaches / possibilities.


Sorry man. I watched it again. I guess there was no other way to do that.

This is the message I get when I click that link:


 		I couldn't find that user

I don’t know if the address has changed, but try this one, it works for me:-

I have had this open in my browser for days now.

ah yes sorry - I changed the urls:

I have also one for rendering

Modeling: Rhino - T-Splines

Modeling: Blender

Rendering: Blender

Please bear with my accent this is to my surprise quite a lot of work doing those movies
and trying not to make a speaking mistake …

Through the time of this semesters all projects I work with my students on will be presented here as well.

But I hope you can find the somewhat useful.