Furniture reworks

I’ve been reworking some of my older models, improving the topology and renders. Here is my spider furniture and archimedian spiral table. I think these have turned out better than my attempts from last year.

Coil table

Spider Furniture (Chair, Dining and Side tables)

Overall pleased with the results (the spider furniture context view needs some work on lighting, but I can’t face re-rendering it again just yet…).

[Almost forgot: the images in the top context scene are from here, here. and here.]


I really like the coil table. The spider furniture is innovative (and a definite improvement on your previous iteration), but I wonder a little how stable the chairs would be. :wink:

But what really made me comment is the second image – that juxtaposition of the colours, the photos from the Namibian Deadvlei/Sossusvlei with the lush greenery both inside and outside makes a really great contrast.

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Thanks! I was very pleased with how that image came out.

I suspect these chairs would indeed need a bit of beefing up to make them properly stable, perhaps if I copied the feet of tarantulas instead…and looking at them again they’d probably benefit with a cushion or two. Given how few people like spiders though, I don’t think we’ll be producing these any time soon. :slight_smile:

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The spider table looks amazing. And it will surely entice all Spiderman lovers out there. However, that doesn’t mean the others are bad. The coil table and spider chair are equally good. However, these might need some tune-ups for them to be commercially viable and practically useful in terms of stability as grant.r.brown mentioned.

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