Fury-class Imperial Interceptor

Here she is. I have to call this one finished. There are a few more tweaks I would like to apply, but it’s time for a new project :slight_smile: This took a lot of time, but the learning experience was well worth it.


The backside…


Loved following the WIP post…great to see it finished! FOR THE EMPIRE! :wink:


Great job!

My only “negative” comment and it really isn’t all that negative in spirit is the ship’s design makes it look like a love child between a Tie fighter and the Millenium Falcon. :stuck_out_tongue:

That out of the way, this is an excellent work and I like it very much. I can’t ge over the surface details on the hull. Are those part of the mesh or did you use a combination of textures, normal maps and bump maps. I ask because I’m trying to find an optimal way of doing something similar.

Again: great job.

All the detail is modeled. There is only a diffuse and specular map applied to the model.

And thanks for the kind words everyone. Happy Holidays!

Indeed it is fantastic. Really, really cool render.

:yes: Fantastic Work. I hope somday I will be able to do something like this

Please change the font of the text - it looks like the Star Trek font…it’s a fantastic model and i love both worlds but they should be separated :wink:

Wow, thats a nice level of detail on the hull of the ship! Since you modeled all of this, how long did it take, and how many polys are this in total (roughly) ? This also emphasizes the size of this ship -> for me it looks huge.

Amazing modelling and textures. I’m very impressed.

I agree. it was the only font I had besides a ‘blade runner’ font that looked sci-fi. And I thought “do i really want to search for one to download? that would mean a lot of clicking and boredom.” So I decided to cheese the render :smiley:

glad you asked. I never bothered to look at that.

Vert: 465,722

Faces: 249,776

As for time it took…I wish I would have logged actual hours working on this thing. It too about a year total, picking away at it here and there. I was finishing up my BA in the spring and hopped back on the thing with a little more severity in the fall. I am logging approx. hours worked for the next project I have started.