futeristic vehicle

I got the concept from this thread https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55972

he said it was fine for me to model it so here is the first update, 15 mins of modeling.

Latest update



another about 30 mins of work http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/9233/ship019dk.jpg

What is it going to turn out to be? Do you have any sketches or anything?

Looks good.

thanks man the link to the concept art is in the first post

Well… If your doing the one on the left… I will do the one on the right.

Good luck and nice job, again. 8)

Seems like everybody’s inspired by Giyomu’s wonderful drawings :]
if I’m not mistaking I see some of it in Alltaken and Ecks’s recent contest.

I’d say go for it.
I’ll be watching this thread.

Good start :slight_smile: i’ll be watching this too

I do all my own drawings (in a not quite so similar style, but the same types of lines, its a trained way to draw technical objects)

i will be releasing all my concept drawings i did for the battle in 4 days.

yeah his concept drawings have some fantastic elements in it, and this model is looking good so far.


thanks guys

Alltaken: if it turns out anything like what you and ecks did il be happy wih it thats for sure

heres the next update http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/8085/ship028bq.jpg

do you guys think i should have the crease go all the way to the front or should i leave it as is so it smoths of towards the front?

I think the crease should go all the way to the front. This is a mechanical object. It can’t just have a crease momentaly dissapear like the way thats in there. I think it would look nicer too if it would just go all the way.

well you can make creases that disapear like this http://www.channel4.com/4car/media/S/seat/leon/03-large/05-s-s.jpg

but ive sharpend it a bit more and i like it better ive also added a cockpit and fixed a few mesh errors


Well yes…Which is why I said the way you had it in there. It just didn’tlook like a realistic crease in machinary. Whatever the case, your update looks much better. I’m going to be watching this =].

hey guys i just was curious as to how you think i should go about modeling the engine because i cant seem to grasp what it should look like evan though thier is a concept doese that make scence anyway any ideas.

Hey guys i dident like the wings/engine in the concept so ive tried something of my own what do you think?



nice modelling you have here… some wires will be good too…

btw, I still prefer the original design… your new one looks okay too but its kinda deviates from the original style which is less roundish in all of his sketches…

but still, I am not able to model like you… so its still good in my opinion…

I like this concept too.
But you have to ask yourself some questions:
Is it for space?
Then you don’t need this kind of engine.
Is it an AIRcraft?
You’ll need wings of some kind.

The crease looks better now. The first designs were a bit bumpy.

yes, im thinking the crease is MUCH better. but still, be careful with them, you can get so carried away with creases and loop cuts and end up with so many packed verts that you have a hard time smoothing and modeling in other area’s of the craft.

Hey guys, Big update ive added a headlight, grill, mirrors, adjusted the front air intake/ayrodynamic whole/whatever it is adjusted the engines, a guy over at cgtalk said for me to bring the cock pit and engines back what do you think about that?


and a wire, this is just the vehicle without all the engines and stuff because i assume thats what u guys wanted to see


heres another update, The Air intake thingo now go’s through the bottem what do you guys think?