Future City

For this scene, I used the blender add-on "Scene City " to create the base, and added a sci-fi style building created with the add-on “Fluent”.


Very impressive, beautiful work!

the amount of objects holy how long did it take to render?

Wow, way to go!

Beautiful, I really like lighting and the transition (mist-distance) to the sky background.

Beautiful! Well done!

Nicely done, I especially like the sky, though to take this one step further I’d recommend using fewer of that tall builiding with the slanted roof in the background - the repitition is somewhat obvious.

Great scene!! Is it all lit by an HDRI? Post processing?

Wow :open_mouth: Its really good!

woaw, thats really impressive , would probably take “only seven weeks” to render for me it looks so full and detailed :face_with_monocle:

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