Future FPS, Building and plant modeler needed

We are a small indie team looking for a 3D modeler, to model futuristic buildings and plants.
we are working in cry engine, we are looking for some one to model some plants that you would find in a desert.
We are looking for futuristic buildings, that are distressed by the blowing of the desert winds. maybe a little bit of a post apocalyptic feel.

we are planning on making some of the objects in our game destructible, so if you have worked with cry engines it would be a bonus

as of right now we do not have are crydev page updated, but if you would like to apply and/or talk to one of us please pm me here, or pm hurnhu or zaeed massani at

Well if i could see some building concept art and i could see if i could work on it i will love to help you :slight_smile:

I could whip up some dead trees/bushes if you would like. I also know how to use cell fractures to break objects in blender, so I could make the plants destructible if you want that as well.