Future of the Blender GE as it applies to selling models

I create and sell Blender models for the Blender game engine. I’ve been thinking lately…the GE seems to be dying. Or at least dying in its current configuration. Real time models are not dying, but I beleive I need to exapned my market to maybe models setup for Unity. I know that PBR is coming for the game engine. And I think that means the end of standard GE materials (non cycles). So, what’s the best way to future proof my models? I’m downloading Unity now, and I’ll spend some time checking it out. I had a look at Marmoset Toolbag - PBR rendering, real time. Free, and pretty easy to use.

And I looked at Substance designer, which creates PBR materials.

I guess what I mean…should I bother making tired old STANDARD materials for the GE? I guess I’ll look at how unity deals with Blender models, and what tweaks I’ll need to make to my materials to be setup for Unity.

Martinsh an Mike Pan, among others, re doing great things with the Blender GE, and GLSL. GLSL is independent of Blender, so that work is future proof. Anywho…


you can export standard materials from PBR to bge, and use pbr etc for a unity asset or a ue4 asset store asset etc. (you can convert pbr to bge, but not the other way around as far as I know.)

Basically, I think you can make a item availible on all three markets,

I played with Unity for a bit…pretty amazing. Looks like a pretty steep learning curve. Do I have time…Working in computer graphics, nothing stays the same of course…it is always changing, upgrading etc…