Future Soldier Zombie Killer

I am currently working on a post apocalypse zombie infested picture.
The main character on this picture will be a trained zombie killing soldier.
He will be standing on a bunch of dead zombie corpses with his weapons smoking.

I am currently texturing the metal parts of the armor and I need some input on the next step I am about to begin.

I want more props on the armor, think full metal jacket, WW1 and 2.
Playing cards in the helmet, smokes, maybe some tape holding a piece of armor together.
any ideas are welcome.

Also if you see anything weird or wrong with the picture please tell me.



Liked a lot of your work with face rigged bones…

Looks like the armor is dirty and has blood splats on it, which is good, how about carrying that over onto the camo uniform seen under the armor?? Dirt on the face too, didn’t notice the helmet.

A side arm in a holster around the waist?? A bandolier over one shoulder with ammo & grenades?? A nice big wicked knife?? A backpack or some sort?? How about hi-tech night vision goggles on the helmet?? Maybe for just one eye, or for two eyes with 1/2 missing?? Communications gear on the helmet & antenna??


@ revolt_randy - The camo and is only basic texture right now, planing on adding blood and dirt later.
Nice idea with the night vision goggles. I think I will go with that. Something like you run around with in splintercell. Indeed some kind of communication will be needed.

So far my progress looks like this.
Still a long way to go.

Any input is appreciated. :rolleyes:


I think the neckpiece needs to be smaller, coming more towards his neck, and also that the leather straps should be abit more beaten up and broken. Apart from that good modelling, any chance of any wires of the face?

Looks awesome, I’m super jealous. Maybe on a couple pieces of the armor you could have little pockmarks or holes, like he got richocheted or something. Also maybe somewhere on his armor he has a body count going, like a row of little zombie head stamps or something along those lines.

This project has TONS of potential, dont make it go to waste, great, great job! love the textures dood.

@midgetmike - Yeah the straps is also something on my todo list. more wear and tear.
I will take a look and see how it works out with smaller neckpeice.
Here is a wire of the face.

@Netmier - Yes a killcount could be nice but then he would need about 10.000 of them. Zombies drops like flies around this guy. :slight_smile:


Ahhh you got me there. Maybe some sort of trophy count, like he started then relized that there are too many zombies to keep count of killing.

Just a quick update.

Added dirt to the armor and blood to the camo.
There is an insanely amount of texture work. It never ends.

Put in some quick eyes but they need some work. And I need a proper face.

I still have not started with any props to the armor or even thought about the backdrop.


I haven’t had much time lately to work on this… But.
Today my son and girlfriend wen’t to visit family for 2 days so I began tackling the face.
Textures and skin shader.

I began UV-unwrapping the face and made the face texture, then I had a little time over to work on the shader. The shader is a basic 3 layer node with 2 different specular textures.
I know there is allot of tweaking on the shader left.

Here is the progress so far.


Just a quick status update on the face texture and shader, I will settle for this right now and start modeling the weapons.


This looks pretty nice so far :D.

Ya, it looks pretty nice, except i bid dark, maybe increase the light a bit, or a different color light…

Question: How did you put the scratch marks on? I have been trying to figure that out, with no success. Oh and the erosion effect too on the metal?(In the first image you had the paint wear, with now is blood).

Skin’s looking a lot better, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you comments!

@DDD - I have a base texture for untouched armor, and one texture for metal shining through the scratches.
Then I use a stencil map or “scratch map”. To tell where I wan’t the wear to be. On top of that I multiply on dirt and blood.
I takes some time to set up but the benefit is that I can control each layer on the armor separate.
If I wanted I can easily change the color or specularity of the whole armor by changing the base armor texture.
It can be a tad complicated if you are not that familiar with blender or textures but posted a blend file with the belly armor at pasteall.org

Hey thanks! I just took a quick look, i think i see what you are doing. Now, how did you actually make those images, i know you got the metal one from online or something, but the rest i mean, did you unwrap the mesh and then texture paint? Does your base armor texture(the green one) has to be an image or can you use blender’s texture color channel, or mesh color channel(am i making sense here?)
Again ty for file!

@DDD - Yes a uv-unwrap and then with the help of the uv-layout grid I used some custom brushes in photoshop to make the scratches. CG Textures have a large library of splater pictures, used those for blood. I have painted nothing in Blender itself.
You could use the material color instead of a green texture, but I used the texture to get some noise in there.

I have started with the gun and rendered out a almost 360 turntable of the soldier with gun. (Could not wait 6 more hours for the last couple of frames) Take a look and tell me what you think.