futuristic angel

a little something after seeing a cool pic of a demon/droid thing on the net, so decided to modell it to resemble a futuristic angel thing which hopefully i’ll texture
first one rendered in Vray/Blender second one in internal with aproximate AO
c&c welcome as usuall

[edit]: tinkered with some materials:D, enjoy
[edit1]: messed around with the compositor a bit


“Futuristic angel”?
Nice model though, I like the Vray one.

That thing is badass. Too bad no scene, this is a really cool guy. Seems a little incomplete without some sort of bottom half, ya dig?

This is really good, I like the six wings and the belt.

Very nice work! I like the last one best. Great job with both modeling an texturing.

pretty neat, the cross face isn’t quite my taste though (a T resembles a face better, like the eyes and nose, or maybe if you scaled the cross so it is as wide as the distance between eyes and goes as far down as a nose usually does)

Really nice modelling work, but the texturing could be better though =/ The red is a little too strong for my taste and the background seems a little weird… kinda looks like hes a toy in a toilet or something? unless that was what you were aiming for?

thnk everyone for the c&c

@keen: i was going for a kind of reflection from all sides, didn’t really get what i was aiming for:)

and yea, i’ll probably make the cross smaller

wow. very impressive. the left hand seems a bit small/ oversimplified though, like it wouldn’t have the full dexterity of a real hand. also, I like the lit-up red wings, but could they be a little defined, maybe? you loose the cool layr-age in all that light