Futuristic apartment

Futuristic apartment made in 2.8.
All props modeled. Nothing downloaded


Give it some carpets and I’d live there :smiley: No serious, nice work! Especially I like the light stripes beneath the stairs!

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The neat thing is that an apartment like that is on the verge of being possible to build today (if only there was enough demand to live in something less traditional).

Beautiful work, the utter perfection of the place is also something not too out of place in sci-fi (as we assume cleaning technology has advanced).

Thank you. Is based in year 2042. 22 years left. I think that the architecture will be similar to now but the materials will be more cleans and neutrals.

I’m brand new to 3D modeling and animation and all of it (literally just downloaded Blender about a week ago; mostly been working in Daz Studio for the sake of human character creation, but equally new there too). My main motivation for it is to bring to life some SF (sci-fi) stories and characters I’ve been developing for years. This is PERFECT for one of the settings; could easily be the apartment of a couple main cast members. Any chance I could purchase this from you? (Yes, I know I should learn to model, myself, but it’ll be a long time before I can match this! And yes, there are other apartment options available for purchase with some searching, but THIS one already has the right look! It even has the double-helix motif in the staircase and the sculpture-art, evoking an association to DNA… I suspect it could be a long time before I can find something so fitting, and even longer before I can make it on my own.)


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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I sent you a private message

You think Netflix will exist in 24 years? :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice work!

This looks absolutely amazing.
I am a student in Ontario Canada, and I’m in video production.
For our final project we have to do a client project.
So I have permission to do a green screen sales pitch for a futuristic apartment.
If it’s possible to use this, that would be amazing, I can post / send you the final project.
If it works out pretty well, there would be a salesman in the apartment selling it.
my email
[email protected]

I sended you an email

Hello, im beginner and learning how make wallpapers. Now i working on Panam Palmer wallpaper and i want better ambient for this model. Can i use your futuristic apartment?

Here is my last project

THanks lot