futuristic car design !update!

I recently joined a car design competition with the task to develop a family car for the year 2020.
here’s the side view(W.I.P.):
what do you think about the car design? does it look like 2020?
C&C welcome, gecko!

I think the cars back part is too edgy, considering, that most cars are and will be rounder. That seems to be the trend these days.

I also would place backdoors. Otherwise it looks promising.

I think it looks great, though in 2020 we’ll probably all be driving Ford Focus’s…

original style,
I like it

Logik_Guy :wink:

it’s cool and funny, looks like a wave, i think we’ll start dirving flying vehicles by then, any way it looks good

hmm… doors would be nice, so that the family can get in. :slight_smile:

design is quite nice, allthough, that engine room looks very big, concidering that in the future everything like that will be smaller anyways… I think. and again, because it’s a family car, perhaps that room could be more usefull in the back?

anyways, very clean and nice look.


true, the car needs an entrance, or the door is on the top?, any way i think a trunk is necessary, it brings mor space needed for the family’s stuff

no offense but your proportions dont work.
it looks like somebody stretched the car thats all.

i think you have to add more detail to explain you lenght or work on the wheels.


HI Gecko, please don’t take offence, this is creative critisim.

I think IMHO that it looks too much like a squashed hearse and not enough of the ‘family’ element, unless it’s for the Addams family.

If you look at some photos of today’s family style cars, they are all about tv screens, sliding doors, folding seats and beverage holders.

I imagine that cars built in 2020 will be very different. I don’t think that yours is futuristic enough. :-?

However the work you have done is excellent, I look forward to the updates.


thanks for comments so far and now its time for an update:
what is new: i added doors and started incar design.
i don’t think that cars in 2020 look very different, considering that cars build 17 years ago, generealy had the same features as modern ones…but truely, this one looks more mhh…like 2008 or so. But i’m sure automobiles are becoming more edgy in the next few years(yust think at this ford focusg)…


I like the style.

My only serious crit is on mudguards. They are too close to tires.

If suspension do their work tires will burst against mudguard at first bump in the road.

Then, as soon as the driver tryes to steer…


plus, i think you need to remove some doubles in that area. the design is getting better and better, but still needs a lot of detail added. keep it up!

looking good! sill needs a lot more detail though and i would redo the wheels (the tires are ok but the wheels look very fake and ‘rushed’).

Where dou you put your luggage? And you have an awful lot of luggage if it’s a family car…