Futuristic F1 for 2008 Blender F1 Challenge

Blender F1 time again. This year I’m trying something a bit different than swamp mobiles, so without further ado let me present you the gyroscope of the future F1 rings:

I think it looks at least a bit faster than that rubber tracked boat I had last year. :cool:

Not bad. I’m not sure how it works, but not bad.
To my eye, the rugged look of the wheels is calling for some kind of hinge in the middle of the whole thing.

i would think a vehicle with such huge tires would have a very elaborate suspension system; this one appears to not have one at all. just a thought.

I agree with ^^ . It will be interesting to see how you steer this beast. Keep up the great work!

When F1 goes offroad in the future this beast will be ready.

I know the driver would be looking forward most of the time, but it seems the wheels would obstruct the view a little. If this were a real vehicle that is. As it isn’t, you can do what you like really. That’s the fun of all of this.