Futuristic Lab

This is the doorway of a lab I’ve started making. I’m doing things a little different to my usual way by actually drawing concepts of each part of the lab before I model it, which has proven to make work much easier as I don’t get frustrated trying to come up with ideas as I go along. Most of the modelling on the doorway is done now, still some work to do on the textures though but they should give an idea of what i’m going for.

Looks very nice, the texturing is good for a quick job as well.

Did you render this on full (16) OSA? It looks a bit jagged in the light at the top of the door

Not much else to say really, look really good when the whole scene is finished and textured, might take a while to keep this level of detail :wink:

Looks good! I like your textures and colours - and especially the door design.

I’m not sure about the bolts on the door - they take away a bit of the futuristic touch. Is it a sliding door (upper part up, lower part down)? If so, the bolts would derange the plain surface needed for this :).

Texturing is really good, the door design is good too.

Good work on texturing, I’d add some bump maps though if you haven’t already. Interesting design too. Keep it up!