Futuristic Ninja Gaiden

Hi everyone,

I decided to start posting my progress on the scene of ninja gaiden. The main idea is to show a supposed Futuristic Ninja Gaiden scene, which was subdued by the dragon sword, so his arm was transformed into a dragon arm.

The first face tests… Everything will be sculpted in blender. However I can´t do details at this time, so, after finish everything sculpted, I will rebuild the mesh with retopo and sculpt again.

Body progress…

some improvements…

fixing the proportion…

A chart of reference…

crysis mass effect ninja :wink: I will have to wait until more ninja type apparel is added to the model … without those I cant get the idea of ninja yet. Lots of detail so far , shaping up well.

And I thought my reference collection was complicated. That’s going to be nearly half of a million vertices you have to contend with.

Thanks for your comment guys, I’ll try not to disappoint you, It will be a Ninja, hehhe.

Well, I decided to go back to the anatomy, after finish it I will do the cloths and armor.

Looks nice n stuf but… did u really just modelled a penis?

Maybe he’s a “real” action star. You never know when he might need it.

Actually, it’s just a extrude. hahahaha It will be better to build the metal underwear. Okay, maybe the Safetyman is right, who knows what the ninja gaiden do with leather clothes. kakakak

A long time since I posted, I finally found the time to improve the scene… Well, this is just a composition test, have a good Christmas!

Who gets to rig it?

The character without the pose. I’ll be on vacation next month, so I’ll have time to finish this project. Hope you like the changes…

Personally, I’m not feeling the oversized demon head. When I think Ninja, I’m thinking extremely fast and aerodynamic and big awkward hands seem contrary to me. I also wasn’t feeling the pose above. A big part of that maybe his hand but his pelvis seems odd to me. Otherwise the model looks cool. The anatomy is cool, I’m on the fence about the details on his stomach. I like that the costume looks like its almost a part of the form though. I also don’t know if I like the bald look as much as the headgear you had in at the start. This seems more realistic, but less like a ninja. Anyway. Good modeling regardless.

Scubasteve1974 Hi, I appreciate your comment and your point of view, maybe I can try to lower the arm, but the idea of the scene is as follows:

Ryu Hayabusa was possessed by the powers of the dragon sword. In this scene he lost control and killed someone. I want to leave mysterious, showing only the victim’s blood dripping from his hand and showing where the crime was.

Well, the rest, I think you did´nt understend, this is a work in progress, the problem in the pelvis is there, because of skin (vertex group), its not fixed, yet. On the face, he´s not bald, I started to block the mask. I’m actually in testing phases right now, I guess, next week, I’ll be working more deeply on the project. Thanks for your comment, it helps to see some aspects that I can improve.

Ohhh!!! shiny! Thats way cooler!

New tests with ninja gaiden mask…