Futuristic Shooter

I know futuristic shooters aren’t original but it interests me. I plan on making a game with many different futuristic places and guns.

I also plan to make it an open world game. It’s going to be a futuristic rpg shooter,

I know I do not have many details yet. I’m posting here so I can get feedback from you guys. I wanna know if this sounds cool and I wanna know what you would impliment(weapons, vehicles, etc) that would make the game funner.


There’s nothing to comment on yet, except the fact that you come off very strongly as having freshly entered game development, and have no real sense of the amount of time and effort it takes to develop a game.

This should by no means discourage you- but on the other hand, there’s not much to say until you at least have some screenshots and gameplay footage to comment on.

What makes you think I’m just starting out? Even if I was just starting out it’s not that hard to model guns, set parents, etc.

Captain Oblivion, leave him alone…

I don’t even know anything but give the guy a chance like the rest of us whole fail.
What you are about to do brum isn’t easy even for 7 people in a team.
Make sure to not rush and think it will take a few months this can take a long time
to even prepare, think about what the game is about and respond with concept art.
A story line, plot and some form of script. or you could join this group which i just
did and learn from the basics of game making. were not doing scifi though…

As a matter of fact, I am currently in the process of planning out a first-person shooter rpg set in a sci-fi universe. Ever play Borderlands? I’ll be shooting for something similar. Working out the specifics of procedural weapon generation, which is what gave Borderlands its 6 million plus weapons. Now I won’t actually start on this until at least the first alpha version is finished on my current project, so you’ve got a head start.

Anyway, absolutely anything is possible in blender. But with that said, making a shooter is a bit more difficult than modeling guns and setting parents, especially if there are rpg elements involved. My advice: plan your game out, and make sure you know what you’re doing before you get frustrated and starting posting “Urgent HELP plzzzz!!!” all over the internet. Good luck! :wink:

Oh, and if you aren’t proficient in python, I suggest reading up before tackling some of the rpg stuff.