Futuristic Sniper Rifle

KK so I’ve been messing around with this idea for awhile now and I finally sat down to get to work. This is about 15 min thru and this is what the model looks like now. Currently its side loaded, you can see the magazine well on the models left side sticking out by the front hand grip. The sight for now is located behind the magazine well, and the mag well has a front sight post coming off the top.

The sniper would put his whole right arm (yeah a right handed weapon much like any other weapon made lol), gripping the rear grip and pulling it in close to him to stabalize it. his left hand would go under the mag well on the front grip, that way even though he’d never have to quick reload…the well is right there. There is a button on the very top of the “stock” which, currently, turns on the lazer guidance system. Turn on that, and fire a round and it will follow it anywhere…sorta like the rpg rounds in half life 2. It doesn’t fire normal rounds…I’m toying with the idea of having it fire plasma…but I dunno lol.

Anyway…enough chit chat…heres the model. Nowhere near done…but I’m looking for more add-ons lol. So let those ideas fly. Cause as a previous Marine…there are lots of things I like about this rifle…but many improvements are needed…like making it more comfortable for the actual shooter. Being prone with this rifle for anything more than 15 min would have to be VERY uncomfortable! lol


It’s a good start, you probably want to add more detail and definitly need to crease the edges that are sharp.

If the sniper puts his arm through that “ring thing”, then put some rubber padding in it

Good idea +‘´¯)BonE(¯`’+. I was actually toying with the idea of making it a form fitting stock…sorta rotating the rear inner faces of the circular stock and pulling the whole back part back a bit, so it conforms more to the curve of the shooters back. But I like your idea also.

Not sure how well it would work out though when it comes time to add this to my animation, because there is no actual sling on this weapon. I can’t make a convincing sling, been there tried that lol. Which is one of the reasons I went with a closed stock. That way when the character isn’t in the ready position, he’s basically wearing a rifle like a woman wears a purse lol.