Futuristic soldier WIP

soo I am making this futuristic soldier, I still need to put alot of work into it, give me suggestions, tell me whats bad and that kinda stuff plz:o


Soo I started working on the textures a little bit, I still need to change the boots and such

Edit 01: I didnt had much time at the weekend, but i worked on it a little, so I got the boots, i think that I only need to texture, and then rig it

Edit 02: I made a little bit of progress, I was mostly working on the armature and weight painting, I was just learning it, I made Corporation’s logo on his shoulders and some advance with texturing, still not completed tho

I made a new render, the soldier standing and holding a gun I modeled for it, the textures are little messed up, I am gonna fix it, the gun seems too small too, feedback would be higly appreciated, I made new post cuz it didnt let me upload more then 3 pics per post.

obviously this thread is dead, how do I remove it?