Futuristic vehicle

How does this look?

What are you planning to do with that? I assume it is for andrew’s competetion

Yes! you guessed it!

Here is another render.

Interesting, what is it supposed to be? I know it’s for the competition but what does it do, why is it shaped like that other than just to make it look cool.

I’m pretty sure these are the kind of questions Andrew will be asking himself when he chooses the winner.

Good Luck!

Ah yes! thank you! Well I am designing some sort of hovercraft vehicle. I couldn’t really make up my mind on what type of vehicle to make so I just decided to go with multiple ideas and put them together.

I believe those are important questions.

Here is my latest render.
How does this look?

Looks much more interesting. I think it might be a good idea to turn the propellers in front so that they are facing down. To me this makes it feel more authentic (assuming it looks good), because it evens out the distribution of the wind, power, whatever you want to call it.

I second this.

You also should consider adding some thrusters, to add to the practicality. I like the windshield of the first one better.

Looking good!
Good luck!

Okay thanks!

THank you! sounds good!

I updated the fan rotor things

Here is another render of the plane

Here is the Newest update

Here is another update

The rudder has the capability of swiveling:

Here is the latest render:

Maybe it’s time to work on the textures? The shading and bumping on the back is great, you should add that to the whole plane.

Oh thanks! Okay sounds good.

Here is an even newer update