Futuristic Vehicle

This one is for the BlenderGuru contest I’m almost done with the modelling, what do you think?

Here’s another

Looks pretty cool, although IMO it’s not too original… I think we’ve got 3 of these futuristic bikes on this section… all different but not so different.

Hey Impreza09! Thanks for the suggestion. What part of the render do you think is not too original?

Well, I’d say: the fact that it has 2 wheels, and the styling itself. It does look really cool… but then…


Yours kinda look like a mix between the Light Cycle and a normal bike. However, if you do like your concept, I’m no one to stop you. I’m guessing you had some kind of vision and you modelled it after, so, in that case, it’s a great job you did there. I was mostly referring to the fact that there are 2 more people doing some kind of futuristic bike.

Btw, could you explain how it works? I think a big part of the process of designing something is first to brainstorm, sketch, etc, but most importantly think of a loosely plausible way that your vehicle would be powered, and then build around that concept.

Good luck!

It is even more classic/oldschool.

Yours is a convertible version tough…

It looks better than the Tron Cycle.

Oooh, I hate that game, gets me so frustrated…

Oooh I love that game, it gets me so frustrated … :smiley: