Futuristic Warfare!

Hi everyone,here is a new render…they are hig tech,hig caliber tracher bullets(notice the light bulb at the bottom of the shell(it is also fired with the entire shell).However,i made this to test reflection and emitter maps(there is also a normalmap).The model took me a few time but texturing(in GIMP)took me around 3 hours(textures made from scratch with brushes).Rendered with Blender internal.Can someone explain me how to improve the reflection map and emitter in terms of rendering?The emitter(as the renders show)lights only the selected parts,however,it doesen’t cast light on other objects…there is a way to do it?And the reflection map,there is a method to make the bullet looking more metallic via reflection maps?(Sorry my bad english i am from Italy!)


Hi Gausstriker

I must say that your render is not very bad, aswell as for you model and texturing, you’ve done quite a nice job!

You would probably want to look at some lighting tutorials on how to get some nice reflections on your objects, how to apply “ambient occlusion” to your scene and make some better light setups. The Emitter is not able to light your scene simply since there is no such feature in blender 2.49. Instead, I strongly recommend you to switch to 2.55 because not only does it include a way for emitter objects to affect your scene, but it is also much more suitable for beginners.

Looking good! /John

Interesting concept. I agree with john_9998 that going through some lighting tutorials would be a good bet for you. Reflection maps are net if you want to do complex-seeming “hard” reflections without the overhead of Mirror reflections. My limited experience with metallic materials suggests that some trial-and-error with the diffuse and specular settings of your material would yield better results than a reflection map.

Keep at it: you’re on the right track.

Thanks,so reflection and mirror maps are two different things?however,i made a further test with emitters and alpha maps…here is the bullet with a plasma envelope(the texture,again,it s handpainted with lots of smearing)