Fuzzy, cuddly short fur


I’m looking for the best way to create fuzzy, cuddly short fur like in the example below.

I’ve tried particle fur and the Principled Hair shader, but I just can’t find the right look. The particle fur behaves a bit unpredictable. On one mesh it looks different than another mesh, despite similar geometry. And when you increase the amount of hairs rendering can become very slow.

Maybe microdisplacement is an effective approach, maybe even vector displacement? I haven’t really touched that yet.

Any input will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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You forgot to attach the example image. (Could be better if you upload your renders as well for comparison)

Thanks, @filibis. Uploaded the reference photo. :blush:

I’m sorry, but I can’t upload my renderings, because it’s a confidential project.

In the mean time I’ve done some tests with microdisplacement, and the first results are promising. Tips are still welcome though. Maybe there’s a great Blender fur material available for download or purchase somewhere?

I’m not experienced with such material but maybe you can try emitting hair from vertices for an even distribution of the strands (This will require a dense geometry and children/interpolated particles might not be suitable which increases render time). See an example below:

fur.zip (3.9 MB)

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Thanks @filibis! I’ll check it out. I’m also considering using photo textures. That’s often the easiest path to realism.