FX Artist needed who create water swirling in a vessel


Looking for an FX artist who can help me. I have a 3D Object, based on CAD Data. Part of the object is a vessel which needed to be filled with water and then it should swirl inside the container.

First it’s still, then it should start swirling. I need the start, then something that could be used as a loop, and one animation that shows how it stops and calm down again. Any suggestions how to solve this with minimun costs (like blending stuff in comp) are welcome. I’m using Blender 3.0 - but if necessary I’m willing to use any other version.

I’m an individual who does some work besides the main job. I do layout, simple animation and rendering most of the time, but have no experience with FX, so I need help. I have this commission and the deadline is end of march.

I’m looking for someone who knows already how this works, as there’s no budget to try around a lot. Please let me know how long it would take and what your dayrate is. I would be glad if you say it takes x day(s) and then it would stay like this, because as I mentioned, I’m doing this as a side gig and I can’t afford it when costs explode unexpectetly.


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